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Software > Adding applications to your KDE startup

Adding applications to your KDE startup

Adding an application to your KDE startup is fairly easy. You go to a special AutoStart directory, and create a shortcut to the application you are wishing to run.

The AutoStart directory

It first involves navigating to a hidden directory underneath your home directory, named ".kde".

In Konqueror, navigate to home/username.kde/Autostart

Creating the shortcut

Under the Edit menu, select Create New -> File -> Link to Application

You will get a popup, with a gear icon and a filename box next to it. Name the file after the application you wish to run. For our example, we will name this shortcut "smb4k".

Navigate to the Application tab. Fill in the Command field with the filename of the application you wish to run during startup. In our example, we put /opt/kde3/bin/smb4k


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