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Origin Pro 2016 Signup Info
(2 Year Agreement - Expires 02/28/2018)

To obtain Origin, IU affiliates must complete the signup form below and agree to the appropriate contractual agreement.

To upgrade your Origin 2015 to 2016, please contact your Department IT.

Origin User Guide

Pricing Schedule - Origin Pro 2016 (2 Year Agreement).

Chemistry Department Bloomington Campus(Faculty,Grad Students,Staff).
Contract Period fee: $14.00 per computer

This is available for Faculty, Grad Students and Staff of IU Bloomington Chemistry Department only. A $14 contract period software maintenance fee will be billed through the ITG group for each computer Origin is installed on.

Campus. Contract Period fee: $1400.00.

This subscriber agrees to a 2 year contract period commitment. Installation will be allowed on all STC machines for the campus at the subscribers request. 1 technical support provider will be allowed for direct contact with Origin Labs.

Departmental. Contract Period fee: $670.00.

This subscriber agrees to a 2 year contract period commitment. Authorized installations are restricted to users from the department purchasing the software. Technical support will be on a limited basis.

Individual(Available to IUB Only). Contract Period fee: $330.00.

This is available for Faculty and Staff of IU Bloomington only and is to be billed to a University Account only. Technical support will be on a limited basis.

For assistance please contact the Origin Technical Support Engineers at 1-800-969-7720 Option 6.

Origin User Guide

Origin Pro 2016 Info:

Origin Pro 2016 provides all of the features of Origin 8.0 and 9.0 plus additional analysis tools, graphing tools and development tools.

Now you can create programs which use Microsoft COM¨ to interact with other software applications and even hardware. To provide for sophisticated peak analysis, OriginPro includes the easy-to-use Peak Fitting Module. With OriginPro's Dialog Builder, researchers can build their own highly specialized graphical user interfaces to run their Origin C routines. You can even include ActiveX¨ controls inside your Dialog Builder tool!

OriginPro Features:

Access Other Software and Hardware Using COM in Origin C

  • Communicate with Microsoft Office applications.
  • Export Worksheet Data to an XML Document.
  • Import a database using an ActiveX Data Object.

Automation Server Support

  • Communicate with OriginPro from other applications, such as Microsoft¨ Excel, that support COM programming.
  • Supports multiple client access.
  • Create web-based applications for company-wide use.
  • Use Origin as a graphics server.

Peak Fitting Module

  • Perform sophisticated peak analysis.
  • Run preconditioning routines.
  • Automatically detect peaks.
  • Initialize and modify peak parameters graphically.
  • Generate graphical as well as tabular results for a wide range of peak characteristics.

Create Sophisticated Custom Interfaces Using Dialog Builder

  • Create Dialog Boxes, Tabbed Tools, and Wizards.
  • Select controls from industry standard development tools.
  • Include ActiveX controls in your dialog.
  • Save Wizard procedures as a toolbar buttons.
  • Add your own menu drop-down lists to the menu bar.

Whether used for its analysis tools, graphing tools, development tools or graphics server capability, OriginPro 2015 provides ease of use and analysis power to the professional.

Additional info:

Origin Lab (manufacturer)