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Shared Resources Center (C206)

Computers | Printers | Scanner | Plotter | Laminators | Projectors | Laptops | Poster Carriers

Toshiba Color Printers require you to sign up for access.
Request access to Toshiba Printers

Creative Media Services - This office is a fee-for-service center offering animation, graphic design, PowerPoint, photography, research poster production and printing, medical and fine art sculpture, and video production.

All printing to SRC printers must be done from SRC stations.

Check your printing allotment


We have ten computer stations in C206 for students and faculty to use. Seven stations are supported with UITS/STC software, two are supported with chemistry software, and one station is a Macintosh. The Macintosh has iMovie (video editing), iDVD (dvd authoring), Final Cut Pro (high-end video editing), and ETC software.


Toshiba eStudio 2524c

Color Prints
$0.06 Per Page
Black & White Prints
$0.02 Per Page

We have a Toshiba eStudio 2524c color printer with scan to email, and photo copy support. To print or copy with this device users need an account through ITG, students and faculty can request an account through this form:


Hp Scanjet 8250

HP Scanjet 8250

On one of our Chemistry computers we have an HP Scanjet 8250 flat bed scanner with document feeder for student scanning.


HP Designjet Z6100ps

The new HP Designjet Z6100ps

This plotter is available for use in the Shared Resource Center. It can produce greater print volumes more quickly, with maximum print speeds of over 1,000 ft per hour. The maximum print length is 575 feet, with a width ranging from 24" to 42". This printer uses 42" wide Satin Photo Paper, and 42" wide 6 mil Water-Resistant Satin Cloth.

Satin Finish Photo Paper: $13/linear foot
Water-Resistant Satin Cloth: $16/linear foot (The cloth is available by request. Just ask and we will set it up for you!)

Printing with the plotter requires an IU Group Account. Each page can have a resolution of up to 2400 x 1200 dpi.

Click here for instructions.


We have a Grommet Press available for checkout in A720.


SEAL 44 Ultra

We have a large format laminator available for students and faculty that can laminate posters printed on paper media. This laminator uses 43" wide media, and can handle posters up to 42" wide. The laminator is $6 per linear foot. Click here for an instructional video.

GBC Docuseal 95

Cost: $1.00/page


All projectors available to be checked out in the Business Office, Room C115


There are currently 2 Optoma projectors available for use. Both come with VGA and USB cables to project input. Includes remote.


Dell 1609WX

The Dell projector includes a VGA cable to hook up to a computer's output as well as an extension cable for tricky setups. Includes remote.


Laptops are available for day loans.

Dell Latitude D620

Dell Latitude D620


Dell Lattitude D800

Dell Latitude D800

Poster Carriers

Poster carriers are availabe to borrow in A701. 
See an ITG member for more information.