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Temp Monitors

A202(Server Room) - 69.17F
Thu May 5 08:03:03 2016
ITG A701 - 76.60F
Thu May 5 08:03:03 2016
Temperature History

Contacting ITG

The most reliable way to contact us is by a leaving a voice mail message at 856-4124 or emailing To request a service call, please submit a Job Request Form.

Brian Crouch
Manager of ITG
Voicemail: 856-5243
Steve Creps
Coordinator of Unix Systems
Voicemail: 855-8450
Gabriel Hare
Apple Systems/Media Specialist
Phone: 856-4124
Scott Harrington
Computer Consultant
Voicemail: 856-6937
Danny McMurray
Web Designer
Phone: 856-1146
Robin Nordstrom
Media Technologist
Voicemail: 855-8980

Contacting DAG

Ray Cross
Coordinator of System Services
Phone: 855-0852

Jeremy Anderson
Phone: 856-1146