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ANNOUNCEMENT - Exchange difficulties following upgrade

Report Wireless Issues

In an effort to improve wireless connectivity around campus, UITS is asking that anyone experiencing issues with IU Secure report them via the UITS website.

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Tech Monitor

Fall 2015 Next.IU pilot programs extend Canvas functionality
9 September, 2015

Next.IU originally launched as a two-year pilot program to explore the next generation of learning technologies. From tools to help facilitate active learning to proctoring services that ensure integrity of online assessments, the fall 2015 Next.IU pilots offer a range of additional functionality for teaching with Canvas.

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Safety information for IU students, employees easier to find with new Protect IU site
9 September, 2015

Public Safety and Institutional Assurance at Indiana University, through its redesigned Protect IU website, is making it easier for people internal and external to IU to access safety information and resources designed to help them prepare for, prevent or cope with emergencies.

“PSIA staff work behind the scenes with units and offices across all campuses to provide as safe an environment as possible so people are more confident as they pursue personal and institutional goals,” said Mark Bruhn, associate vice president for Public Safety and Institutional Assurance. “The site was designed to amplify the expertise of our highly trained staff and to make it easier for the people we serve to contact us and get the help they need.”

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Security alert: Important IU Microsoft Service Update change
26 August, 2015

Due to a security vulnerability, the University Information Security Office (UISO) strongly recommends that all IU-affiliated organizations and individuals (including former students, faculty, and staff) running IU’sWindows Server Update Service(WSUS) configure the server to only connect through HTTPS, as opposed to HTTP, by September 15. But before taking action on a university-owned computer, contact your department’s IT support staff to verify how they wish to proceed.

If you downloaded and installedGet Connectedor theIU Campus Update Service Configuration Assistantafter August 7, 2015, no action is needed. If your download/installation took place before August 7, 2015, please install the new versions.

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Windows 10 now available
26 August, 2015

Ready to use Microsoft’s latest operating system update, Windows 10, but don’t want to wait for a reservation through the Windows 10 app? UITS has the Windows 10 Education Edition, at no cost, on IUware.

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Cyrus (Webmail) shutting down September 30: Request automated migration now
29 July, 2015

Did you get an email about your Cyrus account? UITS is sending out reminders that Cyrus (Webmail) is officially shutting down September 30. Account data will not be preserved unless you request an automated migration to Exchange or otherwise manually preserve your data.

Automated migrations are processed in the order they are received. Be sure to request your migration as soon as possible. Processing time for your request will depend on how many others are in the queue ahead of you and the size of the files in those requests.

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Exchange email upgrade to improve user experience
15 July, 2015

UITS will begin migrating all Exchange mailboxes to the new 2013 server environment in the next few days. So, what does this mean for you?

* Virtually unlimited quotas (initial quota of 50GB will increase automatically)
* New Outlook web app
* New widgets in the Outlook desktop client and web app
* Better integration with Lync

If you're logged in while your mailbox is being moved, you'll get a prompt to restart Outlook.

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Phishing scams: Don't take the bait
1 July, 2015

The latest report of phishing comes to us from IU South Bend, where people are calling and saying they're from the Microsoft help desk and asking the employee for their login credentials or to install specific software.

The first and biggest clue that it's a scam is that they're asking for your IU credentials. Hang up immediately. IU will never ask for your credentials, and neither should anyone else.

Then record the time of the call and the number and email it to Same for email phishing scams. Send the phishy email to

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Farewell to OneStart
11 March, 2015

For years, OneStart has been the place to go for important stuff, like seeing your paycheck, putting in requisition requests, and entering your time, among lots of other things. We'll be bidding farewell to OneStart this October. It's been replaced by One.IU, which brings a sleek app store experience to IU services. One.IU launched in October 2013, but IU left OneStart up during the transition.

Learn more about the OneStart retirement >>

If you haven't used One.IU yet, check it out >>

No limits: Box at IU removes storage quotas
11 March, 2015

Do you know how much space you have left in your Box at IU account? As of today, it doesn’t matter. IU tech leaders announced that all IU Box accounts now have unlimited storage. So log in to collaborate, share, and edit files all you like, without worrying if you're running out of space -- because you can't.

Storage is unlimited, but file size is not -- 15GB remains the largest file size allowed. That's pretty big, considering 1GB holds about 16 hours of music or nearly 600 photos. If you’re feeling constrained, know that you can now store as many 15GB files as you like.

Learn more about Box at IU >>

Log in to start storing and collaborating >>

Protect yourself from phishing scams
11 February, 2015

Phishing is when online scammers send spam to con people into giving up their passphrases and other sensitive information, like your financial details and all the names in your address book. Before you know it, your bank account is dry and your friends think you've suddenly forgotten how to spell and form sentences, since the scammers are sending them emails from your account. Lately, scammers have been getting more sophisticated, and more people are falling for it.

Learn how to protect yourself >>

New software makes Canvas testing more secure
11 February, 2015

Online test-taking in IU's Canvas learning management system just got a lot more secure. The university is currently piloting Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor software on all campuses. These tools lock down the testing environment and increase accountability.

When students use Respondus LockDown Browser to access a quiz, they are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications -- they're locked into a quiz until they submit it for grading.

Respondus Monitor visually identifies students for non-proctored, online exams. Students use their own computer and a webcam to record assessment sessions, all without leaving Canvas.

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Beware: New Microsoft Outlook mobile app stores your passphrase in the cloud
11 February, 2015

This means IU can't ensure the safety of your data if you use the Outlook/Acompli app. It exposes your data, so UITS has taken steps to restrict access (a bit more about that >>)

If you've ever used the app to access your Exchange account, you should:

Remove the account and remote data from the app settings on your mobile device. Simply deleting the app does not remove your stored information from the cloud. The Knowledge Base can show you how >>

Change your passphrase immediately. Find out how >>

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your local UITS Support Center >>

Cyrus (IU Webmail) shutdown postponed
28 January, 2015

In response to your feedback, UITS is postponing the shutdown date for Cyrus (IU Webmail) until fall 2015.

UITS will provide an optional migration tool to help streamline the process of moving email messages from Cyrus to Exchange. We are currently purchasing licenses and creating documentation. We tentatively expect those to be available by February 2, when optional automatic migration of mail accounts from Cyrus begins.

Manual migrations currently remain the best option for accounts with a modest amount of data and a simple folder structure. The manual process also allows you to control the timing of your migration.

Learn more about moving your Cyrus account to Exchange >>

Learn more about the Cyrus retirement >>

Welcome to the cloud: Adobe Creative Cloud
14 January, 2015

With the move from Creative Suite to Creative Cloud, Adobe has changed how you download the desktop application. IU students, faculty, and staff can now obtain a redemption code for a one-year subscription to the Creative Cloud desktop applications. Users in managed computing environments should contact their departmental IT professional to request installation. Faculty and staff can install the software on machines where it will be used for university business.

Adobe software that is not part of the Creative Cloud family is available as usual on the IUware website.

Read step-by-step instructions for obtaining your Creative Cloud software >>

Learn more about Adobe software at IU >>